FULL MOON RITUAL // The Firess - Aries Leo Sagittarius
Full Moon in Aries - Leo - Sagittarius
Full Moon :: Illumination - Clarity - Cleansing - Releasing
Fire Element Governs Actions & Expression
The Sign of Aries Youthful - Disruptive - Liberating - Impulsive - Aggressive
The Sign of Leo Creative - Dramatic - Playful - Vain - Bright - Proud
The Sign of Sagittarius Free-spirited - Optimistic - Truthful - Explorative
A Full Moon ritual themed around the fire element can be empowering, transformative, and focused on igniting passion and creative energy in your life. The Full Moon is a time of clarity, seeing the full illumination of your present situation and releasing anything that no longer aligns with your direction.
May the suggestions below guide your ritual..
Set the Scene:
Choose an outdoor location with a clear view of the full moon and the night sky. Alternatively, create a sacred space indoors with candles and warm, vibrant colours.
Fire Meditation:
Begin the ritual by lighting a fire or a candle. Sit comfortably in front of the flame and meditate on its energy. Imagine the fire within you, burning away any fears or doubts and awakening your inner strength.
Dance or Movement:
Fire is associated with movement and passion. Allow yourself to move freely, dancing to the beat of your favourite music or engaging in any form of physical activity that feels liberating and expressive.
Writing and Releasing:
Take a piece of paper and write down anything you wish to release or let go of in your life. This could be limiting beliefs, past regrets, or anything that no longer serves your highest good. When you're ready, throw the paper into the fire (if you have one) or burn it safely in a fireproof container, symbolizing the transformative power of fire.
Passionate Intentions:
Write down your intentions for the coming lunar cycle. These should be related to your passions, creativity, and actions you want to take to manifest your desires. Feel the fire's energy empowering your intentions with determination and willpower.
Fire Scrying:
Gaze into the flame of the fire or candle and practice fire scrying. Allow your mind to relax and see if any images, symbols, or insights arise within the dancing flames. Trust your intuition and let the fire speak to you.
Stand or sit with your arms outstretched, palms open, and repeat empowering affirmations out loud. Affirm your strength, creativity, and passion, claiming the fire element's energy as your own.
Offering to the Fire:
As a gesture of gratitude, consider making an offering to the fire, such as herbs, resins, or incense. Thank the fire element for its transformative energy and guidance in your life.
Take a few deep breaths and sit quietly, feeling the fire's warmth and energy within you. Acknowledge the transformation that has taken place during the ritual and express gratitude for the energy of the fire element.
Grounding and Integration:
After the ritual, take a moment to ground yourself. Walk barefoot on the earth, hug a tree, or place your hands on the ground to connect with the stability of the earth element.
Remember, the fire element is intense and transformative, so use this ritual with mindfulness and respect for its energy. Allow yourself to embrace the passion and creativity within you and use the fire element's power to ignite positive changes and actions in your life.
Honouring the Phases of the Moon is a sacred practice of honouring our inner feminine, and the cycles of nature. As women, it’s connection and community we often crave when practicing moon ritual – connection to self and community with like-minded kin.
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