Are you chasing a ritual for an upcoming moon transit? Or maybe need tips on interpreting your Human Design or Astrology chart? Perhaps even.. an animal recently crossed your path and you'd like to better understand its symbolism?
Well, I've got all of the above covered!
(and conveniently categorised for your browsing)
What is Human Design? How do you generate your chart? And what does it all mean? We're talking aura types, circuitry, profile lines.. and even a sprinkle of The Gene Keys.
Astro class is in! Study the zodiac archetypes, the houses and the meaning of each planetary body.
Understand the symbolism of the moon and how to live in alignment with the moons cycles + elemental rituals for both New and Full Moons.
Drawn from the Animal Kin Oracle deck, you'll learn more about the habitats, behaviours and environments of 57 animals - and the symbolism behind their crossing your path!