Waxing and waning, the moon is a sign of constant change. It symbolizes nature, its blind and driven forces, the passing and return of its seasons. Transposed into the human realm, this image pinpoints moral instability, the changing heart, the gullible mind, and our frequently vacillating resolve.
The moon represents our inner emotions, desires, our shadow-self, fears/worries and our dreams, our unconscious beliefs, the past and our yin or feminine goddess archetype.
It represents the rhythm of time as it embodies our cycle. The moon takes 28-29 days to complete its cycle, as does a women's menstrual cycle - it is intrinsically linked. 
Each phase of the moons journey from New to Full and back again, carries its own energetic symbolism – breaking this journey down into four quarters we can draw parallels between these energies and those of the four seasons.
Below we’ll discuss both this symbolism, and how to live in ritual with each phase to feel more aligned with natures cycles and amplify your manifestations.
Symbol of New Beginnings
Themes: Intentions – Starting Fresh – Planting Seeds
Season: Winter
The New Moon is the starting point of the lunar cycle every month. This is a time where the earth, moon and sun are all in alignment - where the sun reflects onto the side of the moon we are unable to see.
Symbolically it is said that the new moon is the perfect time to plant new seeds, set new intentions, start over or embark on a new beginning.
LIVING IN RITUAL WITH THIS PHASE // By hand, write out wishes and seed your intentions for next lunar cycle, as well as larger scale intentions for six months ahead. The deeper you can go into this desire - the better. Be clear. Be specific. Writing these intentions by hand is important!
Symbol of Taking Action
Themes: Motivation – Balanced – High Energy
Season: Spring
The 1st Quarter of the Moon is the time when exactly half of the lunar face is illuminated and the other half remains in darkness. This marks the midpoint of time between the New Moon and Full Moon.
Symbolically it is said that this is a perfect time of harmony between both yin and yang energies. It is generally a time of high energy, movement, action and often a time where we can encounter high surges of motivation and engagement.
LIVING IN RITUAL WITH THIS PHASE // This is typically a time of taking aligned first steps on activating the intention. Less being, more doing. What actions do you need to take to magnetise or birth your desires into physical manifestation?
Symbol of Release
Themes: Cleansing – Realisation – Completion
Season: Summer
The Full Moon is the peak of the lunar cycle as the illuminated face of the moon is now 100% visible to earth. This is the most popular and well known of the moon cycles, and most prominent both externally and internally.
Symbolically it is said that this is a time where we are brimming with energy, feeling inspired, productive, working hard and playing hard! The subconscious is at its highest point at this time, so is great for psychic development and experiences, creative expression, releasing energy and self-expression. If we are feeling unbalanced, we can quite literally become ‘lunatics’ where our heightened emotions are awakened and can oversaturate us.
LIVING IN RITUAL WITH THIS PHASE // Notice the full illumination of your present circumstances, as well as the intentions and desires you set under the New Moon. What have you not fully seen until now? Begin by acknowledging, accepting what is - taking responsibility for your role - responding, not reacting to external influences. Then release anything that is no longer aligning. Again, writing your release by hand and burning is important!
Symbol of Reflection
Themes: Clearing – Forgiveness – Refining
Season: Autumn
The 3rd Quarter is similar to the 1st Quarter when exactly half of the lunar face is illuminated and the other half remains in darkness. This marks the midpoint between the last Full Moon and the next New Moon and next full lunar cycle.
Symbolically, it is said to be a time of releasing, reviewing and refining projects we started with the New Moon. It’s a great chance to work with the lull in energy that this phase brings and to fine tune things, finalise the details and begin to look forward to the next set of intentions you might seed with the new cycle approaching.
LIVING IN RITUAL WITH THIS PHASE // This is a time of quiet revision and stocktake, tidying things up and doing the last few tasks involved. Slow down and cultivate patience. The waning days leading up to the next New Moon cycle are an invitation to progressively go inward, address and be with the full shadow of any challenging emotions and repeating patterns.

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