Sarah Wilder is an Internationally published Author/Illustrator with HayHouse International and a coveted jewellery designer and creative businesswoman with a community of 10 000+ women across 50+ countries currently working with or wearing her creations.
Sarah fuses her skills and 'past lives' in the fashion industry, native wildlife rehabilitation and her love of philosophy, cosmology, astrology, natural world and symbolic art to create meaningful talismans, tools and teachings for folks who are awakening to a more meaningful and soul-aligned path in life.
As a triple earth sign woman, I'm all about practical magic. 
In my work I help you understand the basic, natural elements of life to better understand yourself and the world around you.
I believe collectively we don't know ourselves enough on an elementary level to be able to trust in ourselves to create the things we truly desire in life.
I wanna change that.
I want US to understand our true nature better.
My ultimate vision is to create a community where like-souled humans can learn from the earth and her inhabitants, together. We can do this through an understanding of our inner and outer earth through ESOTERIC ECOLOGY.
This is a two-part process;
1. We require an INNER revolution first. A rebirth of the self that transforms you internally into the REAL you. Where you remember (re-member) yourself; piece by piece. We can do this with the help of external anchors; like talismans. We can also do this through understanding the mythology rich outer world we live in. Where the planets inform our internal landscape and shape us in ways we still don't fully understand.
When we trust that the outer world is working with us and through us; we then accept the true nature of our individual blueprint and path, and then...
2. We naturally contribute to the OUTER revolution that Earth needs right now. A rebirthing of the planet is happening and it requires us to transforms our relationships and environment into the REAL thriving world we wish to live in. Let go of old systems that have centred the ego (the human mind) and embrace and call in a more eco-centric way of life. One where we accept, connect and protect the natural world, and all her inhabitants.
This is a mission in deeply understanding, connecting with and focused on transforming our inner and outer resources so that they work in synarchy with each other. Synarchy is about relationship and harmony between two equal forces. 
Wilder is about remembering you have power to create a thriving reality; because the Earth is the almighty powerhouse that sustains us all. 
We are an extension of her.