"Magick is the art and science of understanding 
and using the vast potential of the subconscious mind" 

- Phillip Cooper

What is a talisman?

It is a deeply personal symbolic jewellery item which is to be worn with intention, reverence and honour on your own physical body altar.

It can also be kept on a home altar when not in use. They usually love to be amongst all the other pretty treasures like crystals, flowers and other symbolic treasures.


It is a token of its keepers own desires, intentions, story and wishes (and since many of us can get distracted by other shiny things in life) it can be both the loving reminder and the cosmic smack down you need to get back on track if you ever need.


The ancients used ritual magic to bypass things that stood in the way of their souls desires and successes.


They used to work with amulets and talismans to ward off the many devastating illnesses and archaic life themes that plagued humanity, believing the item itself had magical powers that could protect from attack, sickness and death. 

 Sarah Wilder talismans

 In a modern context, I personally love them because they remind me of things that are currently important to me and can spark inspired action and alchemical processes within me when in seeker and alchemist phases in my life.

Talisman creation is a part of my mission to help continue to guide the awakening ones into alignment with their own true nature.


Ideally, it will be something you hold onto forever, to connect you to others, 

to remind you of where you've been and where you're going, 

to share and pass on to loved ones when your work here is done.


 These talismans can be more than just pretty jewellery. 

They can also be portals to their keeper's own potential.


In a world of throw-away thoughtlessness,

this is my act of sacred rebellion to create timeless treasures 

which take you deep and unlock the secrets in your own inner universe.




"When the soul wants to experience something she throws out an image in front of her and then steps into it" Meister Eckhart

My desire has always been to take people through portals of their potential.

Within each line, each shape, each symbol - is a story. It is universal. The symbols themselves are like keys to unlock secret doors in your psyche. 

Each one of my designs evokes story, promotes self inquiry and creates momentum towards specific intentions. The rest is up to you.