FULL MOON RITUAL // The Earthess - Taurus Virgo Capricorn
Full Moon in Taurus - Virgo - Capricorn
Full Moon :: Illumination - Clarity - Cleansing - Releasing
Earth Element Governs the Physical Realm, Body & Senses
The Sign of Taurus Magnetising - Materialistic - Indulgent - Immovable
The Sign of Virgo Analytical - Healing - Critical - Perfectionist - Revenant
The Sign of Capricorn Practical - Integral - Authoritarian - Cold - Ambitious
A Full Moon ritual themed around the earth element can be grounding, nurturing, and focused on manifesting stability and abundance in your life. The Full Moon is a time of clarity, seeing the full illumination of your present situation and releasing anything that no longer aligns with your direction.
May the suggestions below guide your ritual..
Find a Sacred Space:
Choose a quiet and comfortable outdoor spot, like a garden, park, or forest, where you can connect with nature and the earth element. Alternatively, you can create a sacred space indoors by surrounding yourself with earthy elements like rocks, crystals, and plants.
Grounding Meditation:
Start the ritual with a grounding meditation to connect with the earth element. Sit comfortably with your feet planted firmly on the ground. Close your eyes and take deep breaths, imagining roots extending from your body into the earth, anchoring you to its core. Feel the stability and strength of the earth supporting you.
Moon Gazing:
Take a moment to gaze at the full moon and bathe in its soft, illuminating light. As you do, reflect on the cyclical nature of life and the connection between the lunar cycles and the earth's rhythms.
Setting Intentions:
With the earth element's stabilizing energy, write down intentions related to manifesting abundance, prosperity, and physical well-being in your life. Be specific about your desires and goals.
Earth Connection:
Take off your shoes if you're outside or sit on the ground indoors. Feel the earth beneath you, whether it's soil, grass, or a natural surface. Imagine a flow of earth energy coming up through your roots, nourishing and empowering you.
Offering to the Earth:
As a symbol of gratitude and reciprocity, consider making an offering to the earth. You can leave a small gift like herbs, seeds, or a crystal, or even offer a silent prayer of gratitude for the abundance of the natural world.
Earth Meditation:
Close your eyes and do a brief earth meditation. Imagine yourself merging with the earth, feeling the stability, and drawing in its nurturing energy. Visualize your intentions taking root and growing steadily, just like the roots of a tree.
Candle Ritual:
Light a green or brown candle (colors associated with the earth element) to represent the element's energy. As the flame burns, visualize your intentions coming to life and manifesting in the physical world.
Express your gratitude to the earth element and the full moon for their guidance and support. Acknowledge that the energy of the earth element will continue to be with you as you work towards your intentions.
Grounding Food or Drink:
After the ritual, consider enjoying a meal or drink with earthy ingredients, such as root vegetables or herbal tea. This can further connect you to the earth element and its nourishing qualities.
Remember, the purpose of this Full Moon ritual is to connect with the energies of the earth element, set intentions, and manifest positive changes in your life. Make the ritual personal and meaningful to you, adapting it as needed to align with your beliefs and desires.
Honouring the Phases of the Moon is a sacred practice of honouring our inner feminine, and the cycles of nature. As women, it’s connection and community we often crave when practicing moon ritual – connection to self and community with like-minded kin.
It’s for this very reason that we gather in MoonSister Circle each Full and New Moon here in Brisbane, Australia – and I would love to extend an invitation for you to join us!
If Brisbane is beyond your reach, you might like to join Sarah & Stella virtually – as we bring the ritual to you via Spiritess Coven. Your online Moon Membership including astrology readings and rituals, digital classes, witchy resources, live discussions and sabbath ceremonies!

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