JULY 2022

The Astrology of July 2022 // Gorilla Symbolism

This month we drip into Cancer season exploring archetypal themes of dynamism, expansion, precision, enrichment and roar into Leo season exploring leadership and mindfulness.


We kick the month off with energy to burst through any stuckness and transmute our moodiness into inspired action, this energy is rooted in pulse-like energy, there will be some great momentum to get things done for the first couple of weeks.


Seeing all the smaller details and nuances at home and in your emotional body in the latter part of the month will bring out the leader in you.


The Gorilla reminds us of the importance of family connection, sustenance and comfort too - and there will be focus on home and family this month.



Family and home, emotional body, parents, heritage, inner security.




CANCER WOMAN - The Initiating Wateress

She is perceptive, caring and nurturing - sensitive to the world around her and dedicated deeply to understanding the need for personal emotional security and sovereignty. This Maiden of Water is on a pursuit to protect that which matters most to her, which is always who is closest to her heart, including herself.


Cancer is soft, gentle, the lick of a glimmering wave on the shortline. The first drop of rain on your head. She will show you how to access your subtle self and thus experience the vast range of your emotional potential.


She is inspiring, empathetic and can tend to be focused on the self so much that it can isolate others (through isolating herself!). Her dharma in this lifetime is to venture out from her own inner nest more and share her nurturing, intuitive and healing gifts with others and illuminate theirs to them.


In light, she is emotionally perceptive, inspiring and loving with great emotional capacity.


In shadow, she can be moody, self-protective, hypersensitive and isolating.


Integrated, she uses her acute sensitivities and empathic nature to encourage others to share their vulnerabilities in a safe, well-held space.


Her familiar is the Turtle, symbol of longevity, survival, protection, wisdom, healing, sustainability and intuition.




What are your Cancer placements and/or which house does Cancer rule in your chart? 


Take a moment to study these specific aspects of yourself in your chart:


Cancer placements - what planets are in Cancer?

Where is the moon in your chart? What house?

Who rules your 4th house? Who is that planetary ruler?


Once you have these details, take a moment to contemplate these aspects of yourself and how they play out. Journal how you embody your Cancer energy and which areas of your life it flavours and impacts. 


You might also like to journal on the Cancer in your life and how they have helped mould your perception of this archetype? Do you have any stories relating to this sign which you can unpack deeper? 






To access your most accurate birth chart, head to ASTRO.COM


Learn about this system on Richard’s website here


So many resources and teachers out there!

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