The Astrology of December 2022 // Horse Symbolism

This month we gallop into the energy of Sagittarius archetype, exploring gifts of determination,  patience, artfulness, idealism, naturalness and climbing into Capricornian gifts of vitality and perseverance.


Kicking things off with deep focus (or not!) and finding a nice rhythm and taking a look at what new or old habits need some attention.

This is supportive energy to implement new habits and make them stick, but soon after you might find your quick to try and sell yourself on a new idea to avoid it!


Stick with the expansiveness of this month, tell yourself an uplifting story about your life that keeps you motivated, inspired and keeps life feeling joyful and exciting, despite the mundane. We will be inspiring to those around us who see the positive changes we are making, so it’s all worth any internal fight.


Solstice takes us to a seasonal peak point, take care in the extremes and end of year celebrations.


The horse reminds us to keep up the momentum, connect with the outside world and joyfully explore and enjoy life with those you love.




Higher education, philosophy, beliefs, travel, publishing.




SAGITTARIUS WOMAN - The Transitioning Firess

She is the progression we seek, the freedom chaser, sharp in mind and wit, sharing her unwavering quest for truth and optimistically guiding others by shining a light on what lays in shadow inside. This Crone of Fire is a trusted source of love, creativity and adventure for those blessed by their presence. 


She is the fireflies dancing in the night sky, weaving stories filled with illuminating truths, drawing attention by just being who she naturally is. Unapologetic, outspoken and spitter of truth bombs. This Firess knows she must share her truth so much that it illuminates all in it’s path. An authentic pioneering spirit.


In light, she is free-spirited, truthful, confident, intelligent and optimistic.


In shadow, she can be a know-it-all with a superiority complex and an insensitive communicator.


Integrated, she listens intently, providing positive, inspiring and intellectual insights which help them redevelop faith in themselves - thus restoring hers in the process. The Sagittarius woman thrives when in a community setting, enthusiastically living life to the fullest and milking the magic in each moment. 


Her familiar is the Snake - symbol of transformation, life force, rebirth, healing, growth, awakening and truth.




What are your Sagittarius placements and/or which house does Sagittarius rule in your chart? 


Take a moment to study these specific aspects of yourself in your chart:


Sagittarius placements - what planets are in Sagittarius?

Where is Jupiter in your chart? What house?

Who rules your 9th house? Who is that planetary ruler?


Once you have these details, take a moment to contemplate these aspects of yourself and how they play out. Journal how you embody your Sagittarius energy and which areas of your life it flavours and impacts. 


You might also like to journal on the Sagittarius in your life and how they have helped mould your perception of this archetype? Do you have any stories relating to this sign which you can unpack deeper? 






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So many resources and teachers out there!

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