JUNE 2022

The Astrology of June 2022 // Parrot Symbolism

This month we fly into Gemini season exploring archetypal themes of versatility, adventure, synergy, discrimination and trickle into Cancerian themes of magnetism and restraint.


Mercury retrograde ends as this month begins, leading us into the Solstice which marks a peak point of the season we are currently journeying. This is a great time to look at our own dualistic nature, and a month where we make progress on our own mental pursuits and interests.


Focus on what's happening in your own backyard this month, plan a short adventure, reconnect with siblings and enjoy mentally stimulating conversations.


Macaws remind us of our ability to adapt and speak with many different voices and to use our intellect to create and maintain social bonds that last.



Short trips, communication, neighborhood, siblings.




GEMINI WOMAN - The Transitioning Airess

She is the variety of life incarnate - the dancer who touches every square of the floor, constantly in motion and quick wit to match. She is lighthearted, friendly, communicative and expressive. This child of Air has mastered the art of conversation - and has a thirst for knowledge and experience like no other.


She shares her varied view-points in the hopes of keeping the mind fluid, open and always growing. Variety is the spice of life and she often substitutes depth for the opportunity to continually expand. She shares her effervescent zest for life, learning, conversation and variety with all she loves, ever inspired by the world around her.


In light, she is spontaneous, stimulating and uplifting to be around - the class clown!


In shadow, she can be superficial, flighty and shallow - avoiding depth and emotion leading to quantity and not quality relationships.


Integrated, she uses her friendly and approachable nature to help others feel comfortable, seen and heard and creates moments of joy, acceptance and fun for those she converses with - creating shared moments of connection and appreciation.


Her familiar is the Parrot - symbol of intelligence, freedom, liberation, learning, happiness, language and experience.




What are your Gemini placements and/or which house does Gemini rule in your chart? 


Take a moment to study these specific aspects of yourself in your chart:


Gemini placements - what planets are in Gemini?

Where is Mercury in your chart? What house?

Who rules your 3rd house? Who is that planetary ruler?


Once you have these details, take a moment to contemplate these aspects of yourself and how they play out. Journal how you embody your Gemini energy and which areas of your life it flavours and impacts. 


You might also like to journal on the Gemini in your life and how they have helped mould your perception of this archetype? Do you have any stories relating to this sign which you can unpack deeper? 






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So many resources and teachers out there!

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