The Astrology of September 2022 // Kookaburra Symbolism

This month we stride our way into Virgo season exploring archetypal gifts of resolve, imagination, transmutation, diplomacy, and float into Libran gifts of delight and integrity.


Early in the month Mercury joins the list of retrograde planets, collectively urging us to revise themes of correction. This means the month may be well-themed by discovering new details on how you can improve upon aspects of your life to make them work better for you in the long run. Work with your intuition and dedicate portions of your time this month to tweak many things you know need fixing up - this could be related to how you perceive your own body and the blocks you feel around this that blocks you from having the intimate connections you desire.


All in all, it’s a month of fine-tuning, behind-the-scenes old fashioned work.


Equinox reminds us to maintain balance mid month, as does the Kookaburra remind us to lighten up if things start to feel too serious and heavy, too.




Daily routine, day job, health and wellbeing, self improvement, service.




VIRGO WOMAN - The Transitioning Earthess

She is of service to those who respect and honour the journey she has been on and the wisdoms she’s surfaced along the way. This Crone of Earth teaches others the art of autonomy and importance of personal sovereignty. All for one, one for all. She knows quality of life trumps quantity. She has a presence, grace and grandeur like no other, always analysing and creating order from chaos.


She is a natural healer, always of service to her community. The Virgo woman’s dharma resides in her ability to help motivate others and remember to trust in the self in order to become less rigid and more spontaneous.


In light, she is creating order with a great attention to detail and possesses very natural healing gifts.


In shadow, she can be critical, overanalyzing and righteous and a ridged stickler for the rules.


Integrated, she uses her subtle sensory gifts to see the perfection in others, and help them to heal their own insecurities and see themselves as perfect as they are. She can remove judgement and trust that others are able to find what is right for them and trust she always knows what’s best for her - which sometimes means being more spontaneous!


Her familiar is the Elephant - symbol of dignity, loyalty, connection, reliability, stability, determination and generosity.




What are your Virgo placements and/or which house does Virgo rule in your chart? 


Take a moment to study these specific aspects of yourself in your chart:


Virgo placements - what planets are in Virgo?

Where is Mercury in your chart? What house?

Who rules your 6th house? Who is that planetary ruler?


Once you have these details, take a moment to contemplate these aspects of yourself and how they play out. Journal how you embody your Virgo energy and which areas of your life it flavours and impacts. 


You might also like to journal on the Virgo in your life and how they have helped mould your perception of this archetype? Do you have any stories relating to this sign which you can unpack deeper? 






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Learn about this system on Richard’s website here


So many resources and teachers out there!

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