FULL MOON RITUAL // The Wateress - Cancer Scorpio Pisces
Full Moon in Cancer - Scorpio - Pisces
Full Moon :: Illumination - Clarity - Cleansing - Releasing
The Water Element Governs our Emotions & Intuition
The Sign of Cancer Nurturing - Caring - Perceptive - Moody - Self-Protective
The Sign of Scorpio Depth - Power - Observant - Secretive - Possessive
The Sign of Pisces Dreamy - Mystical - Naive - Idealistic – Ethereal
A Full Moon ritual themed around the water element can be a deeply emotional and introspective experience, focusing on healing, intuition, and embracing the flow of life. The Full Moon is a time of clarity, seeing the full illumination of your present situation and releasing anything that no longer aligns with your direction.
May the suggestions below guide your ritual..
Find a Water Source:
Choose a location near a natural water source, such as a river, lake, ocean, or even a small pond. If access to a natural water body is not possible, you can create a water altar indoors with a bowl of water.
Cleansing Ritual:
Begin the ritual by cleansing yourself and your sacred space. Take a ritual bath with Epsom salts or essential oils to purify your body and mind. If you're near a water source, dip your hands into the water and splash it on your face, feeling the cleansing effect of the water.
Moonlit Reflection:
Sit by the water and gaze at the full moon's reflection on its surface. Allow the moon's gentle light to guide you into a meditative state. Embrace the emotional depth and intuitive energy of the water element.
Emotional Release:
Take a moment to connect with your emotions. Allow yourself to feel any feelings that arise, whether they are joy, sorrow, or anything in between. Embrace the transformative power of water as it symbolizes the flow of emotions and the release of any emotional burdens.
Intuitive Insights:
Journal your thoughts and emotions during this reflective time. Let your intuition guide your writing. Write down any insights, dreams, or intuitive messages that come to you during the ritual.
Water Blessing:
Collect a small vial of water from the natural source or your water altar. Hold the vial in your hands and infuse it with your intentions for healing and emotional well-being. You can use this blessed water later as a symbolic elixir to drink or sprinkle on plants.
Divination or Tarot Reading:
Use divination tools, such as tarot cards or oracle cards, to gain further insights into your emotional and intuitive aspects. Draw cards that resonate with your current feelings and intentions.
Water Meditation:
Close your eyes and meditate on the water's flow and fluidity. Visualize yourself being carried by the water's current, moving with ease and surrendering to the natural flow of life.
Release and Let Go:
Release any emotional attachments or past experiences that no longer serve your growth. Surrender them to the water's gentle embrace, knowing that you are letting go to create space for healing and new beginnings.
Gratitude and Closing:
Express gratitude to the water element, the full moon, and yourself for the healing and insights received during the ritual. Close the ritual with a simple affirmation or prayer, thanking the water for its cleansing and nurturing energy.
Remember, water is a powerful element that can connect us deeply with our emotions and intuition. Approach this ritual with an open heart and a willingness to explore the depths of your feelings. Embrace the fluidity of the water element and use this time to heal, cleanse, and find emotional balance within yourself.
Honouring the Phases of the Moon is a sacred practice of honouring our inner feminine, and the cycles of nature. As women, it’s connection and community we often crave when practicing moon ritual – connection to self and community with like-minded kin.
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