APRIL 2022

The Astrology of April 2022 // White Tiger Symbolism

April kicks off with a bang on an archetypal journey exploring Aries themes of authority, initiative, detachment, innovation and transitions into Taurean themes around altruism and invention.


This month we see the world through the eyes of a child, the fool stepping out into the wild unknown with the smell of fresh new adventures on the horizon. We can call on our own inner resources, including our intuition to guide us with wise excitement as we consciously stray from the pack to regain sovereignty and our own sense of agency once again.


Co-interdepence is the sweet spot to be found, as well as revering in the gift that is life through both honouring of the dark and light via our respective Samhain and Beltane celebrations at the end of the month.



Physical body, self-awareness, new beginnings, appearance, personality traits, how others see you.




ARIES WOMAN - The Initiating Firess

She is the fire starter, independent in action and thought. This maiden of Fire is a courageous, intense, inspiring natural leader. The crack of lightning filling up the night sky, the instigator of all grand ideas and impulsive decisions. The spontaneous explosion of creation itself. The quick witted, footed and mouthed. The unbridled one. She’ll spit her fire and take that big leap of faith. Again and again. Aries will help initiate you on your spiritual journey, whether you “ask” for it or not!


She’ll say what they’re all thinking and her charismatic charm will intrigue you, polarise you and leave you hungry for more. The ultimate liberator. The Aries goddess asks no questions, tells no lies and creates as she goes. For she is pure source energy personified.


In light, she liberates herself from oppression and leads herself and others to freedom.


In shadow, she is disruptive, rash and alienating. She’ll dominate every interaction if you let her.


Integrated, she is aware of how triggering or polarising she can be and thus takes a more mindful and diplomatic approach to initiating others into conversation, action and accountability.


Her familiar is the Fox - swift, cunning, illusive, independent, wise, playful, curious and works well solitary.




What are your Aries placements and/or which house does Aries rule in your chart? 


Take a moment to study these specific aspects of yourself in your chart:


Aries placements - what planets are in Aries?

Where is Mars in your chart? What house?

Who rules your 1st house? Who is that planetary ruler?


Once you have these details, take a moment to contemplate these aspects of yourself and how they play out. Journal how you embody your Aries energy and which areas of your life it flavours and impacts. 


You might also like to journal on the Aries in your life and how they have helped mould your perception of this archetype? Do you have any stories relating to this sign which you can unpack deeper? 






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Learn about this system on Richard’s website here


So many resources and teachers out there!

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