WILDER, the brand, was born after I returned home from a life-changing solo trip to Mexico in 2019.
I journeyed with many plant medicines, one of which presented me with an enlightenment experience and subsequent death initiation.
It completely shook me.
I experienced my own divinity and subsequent death.
I felt the incredibly *indescribable* torturous pain of what it feels to die suddenly, leaving a child behind.
It's true what they say about your life flashing before your eyes.
I was taken through the entire soul journey of letting go of this earth and what the soul experiences to enter into nothingness.
During this experience I felt I journeyed the grief that was stored in my own chest from when my father passed (on this same day!) 11 years prior that I hadn't fully grieved.
It came full circle.
I had lost a parent and was a parent who was convinced she had left a child.
(You can't make this shit up)..
Needless to say, the first thing I said when I came back from "death" was - "I am never doing that again" - and it's true. I won't. I learnt some valuable lessons about the value of my life and what I have here on earth. I am so blessed, and this experience truly healed my once jaded disposition on life.
There is nowhere else to be but here. Now.
After this, I spent a week integrating, soaking in the magic and wisdom of the Maya people, learnt of their own use of talismans, symbols, rituals, their love of astrology and magic.
I happened to be there for Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) where all the beautiful people came together honouring their ancestors with incredible altar displays, offerings, music and celebrations. I felt so held by life. I felt so aligned. All this, right off the back of my own death and rebirth experience.
This is how I know magic is real; in moments like this.
The significance of this experience still gives me shivers.
As you can imagine, I came home different.
And so, I began to reweave my story.
My purpose work..
WILDER the brand, was born.
The purpose of this brand is to help people to remember their divinity whilst staying connected to earth. To embody both animal and angel within.
Creator AND Creature.
To remember this dualistic nature, always.
And from all endings, comes new beginnings.
WILDER is an independent accessory & lifestyle brand specialising in symbolic divination talismans and tools. Our Owner/Designer Sarah Wilder designs each piece from the depths of her adoration and delight in the natural and esoteric worlds. Sarah designs them in Brisbane, Australia and has them crafted in mama Bali by a small team of artisans.
Our mission is to reconnect people to their true nature through tangible, practical magic tools, all while being a part of a bigger vision - which is to create a community space and conservation land that we as a community can connect and contribute to in times of such dire disconnection.