• Our payment and refund policy is put in place to make this system as fair as possible to all our clients and customers, and to Sarah M Williams T/A Wilder. Below points apply to Wilder and Sarah Wilder services provided within her company - for example products, services, digital creations and offerings etc.
  • Sarah M Williams T/A Wilder requires full payment to be received in our paypal account prior to all services being carried out. If payment is not received, unfortunately your appointment/service will not go ahead.
  • All of the services provided By Sarah M Williams T/A Wilder are reserved for people 18 years and over.
  • Sarah M Williams T/A Wilder reserves the right to refuse services and cancel product orders at any time.
  • Sarah M Williams T/A Wilder will not be held responsible for decisions you make based on the information provided in any of Sarah M Williams T/A Wilder goods and services.
  • Sarah M Williams T/A Wilder reserves the right to deny order cancellation if the customer has a change of mind or requests an order cancellation based on personal circumstances.