These talismans are symbolic of the deeply personal journey we all make at initiation points in our life that require us to stop over consuming and doing and begin to create a safe space for us to dissolve, unravel, disintegrate and let go of the excess parts of us that we no longer wish to carry forward; allowing us to transform, grow and move forward with newly integrated wisdom and inspiration. It is a completely organic, unique and spontaneous process we each take as an individual that is to be honored and embraced in order to grow and evolve as a human being.
Phase I: Call of the Crystalis
This phase represents the “goo” stage of change, growth and transformation. It can be incredibly uncomfortable, sticky and melancholy. It commemorates a dark night of the soul and alot of our blissful “high vibe” ascension style conditioning melts away here. This is not a time to take anything new on. It’s simply a chapter of letting go. The more we surrender to this stage of life; the more we accelerate the process and begin to shift focus to rebuilding the new foundation from a more inspired and aligned place. This stage can feel like you are in an “off” season in many ways. May this Chrysalis symbol remind you that you are not broken; simply growing and that it requires your surrender and commitment to the process. This is a natural part of the transformation and personal growth process. You are not broken - only breaking down to rebuild the next beautiful version of you, from the inside out. 
Phase II: Lunar Moth Magic
This phase represents the actualisation of the mutations we have endured and the chapter in which we now are able to embody the learnings, wisdom and growth we undertook while in our cocoon phase. We will feel called to re-enter the world with a new view; a whole new way of seeing and being. The Lunar Moth represents new beginnings and “chasing the light” again after journeying a darker chapter - to restore balance once more. The Lunar Moth reminds us of our intuitive sensitivities and psychic abilities that will now be heightened after the letting go of all the psychic debris we were carrying that was blocking it in our previous chapter. Reborn with newly attuned sensitivities, gifts and subtle awareness is a super power that now helps guide and direct you on this most magical next chapter of your life. 
Wear these asymmetric designs to represent both phases and honour the importance of both to the other. That everything in life is relational; and we cannot have the light without the dark.
Alternatively you can wear the earrings according to the phase in which you are journeying - outside to show what you are calling in, and inside as a reminder of where you have been to get there.