This collection is an honoring of three very sacred human journeys, inspired by the writings of Richard Rudd of the Gene Keys and his wonderful Golden Path series.
These are journeys of the spirit in the body - the three stages of human sanctification. I also personally see these three journeys as a way to move from survival as a human to thriving as a human. These journeys are a gift and a privilege to embark on - If you are here reading this, then perhaps you’re in the midst of yours - your return to your true nature.
  1. The Empowerment - 4 core anchor points that guide you in your individuation and empower your life
  2. The Healing - the unraveling of the story of your heart and of your return to love
  3. The Service - the inevitable way you desire to serve others when you feel your service to self journey has completed and you are able to serve from the overflow.
Even if this body of work is new to you, it is irrelevant - these three human journeys are already universal and likely already being undertaken by you intuitively, regardless of the language or structure you link it back to.