What is Human Design?
Firstly - YAY! I'm so excited your curiosity led you here to learn all about what Human Design is all about.
For YEARS I have been the token "astro girl" of my friendship circle - linking the moon to my moods, planets to my natural disposition and zodiac archetypes for the way we all be and connect together - It has served me and my community in many ways, and I've genuinely LOVED learning about astrology and truly believe that we are connected and influenced by the stars and planets. 
Your astrology chart is based on your location, time and date of birth - it is a snapshot of the stars and planets at that exact moment you take your first breath on the earth plane - a treasure map of your personality and themes of how you will show up in life and also what may be presented. It's all in symbols, codes, archetypes as this is how our subconscious desires to communicate to us - it breaks through past the monkey mind and unlocks information stored deep within our cells. Every single person on the planet will have a different variation on their chart - which means there is never one size fits all on any advise, teachings or ways of life.
(to generate your Astrology chart, you can read how to do this and the most accurate software to use here.)
Then comes Human Design. During a particularly transformational point in my life in 2019, I stumbled upon this modality which was birthed in the early 90's. I received my first reading, alongside another complimentary divination / self contemplation modality called the gene keys (more on this to come) and it quite literally shifted my life in some epic ways.
It wasn't so much an external change, but a deeply internal one. It helped facilitate what felt like a settling of the soul. For years I have had this insatiable hunger to know how the world/universe works, how we work and how was can better connect and understand each other, and this tool brought me one more step closer to feeding that deep desire within me. It was the missing piece I had been craving that traditional tropical astrology didn't quite give me.
The man who "channelled" human design, Ra Uru Hu was an interesting character. I encourage you to learn more about him if you desire, but I've read some mixed reviews about him and I always like to know where these things come from and if they are "my people" so to speak to see where they were at and how that might play into the validity of the system.
Turns out, he was extremely human like the rest of us - deeply conditioned, often egotistic and polarising at times. But when I learnt that one of the aspects of his design was to shock people - I could see how some of the out-dated or heavy language he used initially was simply a reflection of where he was at in his own human evolution - and so I look to mentors now who have continued to teach this modality but have evolved it's language, it's essence and translated it in a way that deeply resonates for me and where I am at. I also love to connect with the teachings of those who have a similar or complimentary design to mine ; I find they speak in a way that I understand and trust most.
I believe this human design system, which embraces multiple divination models like Western tropical astrology, Chinese IChing, chakra system and Kaballah is a  modern folks guide to navigating the extreme mutation that humans are experiencing as we move deeper into the next golden age.
Even in my lifetime I often have been left shell-shocked in the wake of such significant change and adaptation we have to navigate on top of everyday life (which can be challenging enough as it is). The Information Age is overloading our once simple and innocent minds and grooming us to become addicted and heavily reliant to tech, information and intelligence.
So much conditioning has occurred to us all in a society which was not designed for individual differences and nuances and walks of life, and so these generic mainstream systems have succeeded in some areas, but completely derailed and failed us in others.
I love this quote" The whole thing about Human Design is that the moment we understand each other we have very very honest and loving relationships. After all, no choice eh?

Everybody is what they are and there is nothing they can do about that and the moment you can see that - you can allow anything in your life. The moment you see what somebody is - you recognize what they need in order for you to be able to touch them.

The clearer we are - the more aware we are - whatever language you want to use, for me it’s just simple - the better you understand the mechanics the easier it is to be a human being in this world.

The easier it is to be able to share your life with other human beings. And the easier it is to get to the essence of what they are - and for them to get to the essence of what you are."- Ra Uru Hu
When I read this I felt a deep resonance, because since 2012 this has been the exact journey I have embarked on, and exactly the reason why I started my formally known as business The Fifth Element Life which has since 'Phoenixed' into Wilder Talismans. I create practical talismans and tools that connect people to themselves and others.
That help them to understand themselves and others. That fragment people into a goodie bag of bite-sized archetypes and energies that are predominant in them particularly so we can better understand each part of us and then rebuild ourselves based on these gifts; rather than those society, our parents or other people of influence place upon us.
If Astrology looks at the personality blueprint, Human Design looks at both the personality AND the body. The conscious AND unconscious. The mind AND the soul. It is a fairly "masculine" framework (which is actually why I really love it) in that it speaks more of mechanics, body function, system, circuitry and the language can be quite Saturian.
I'll be sharing some of my fav resources on the blog here soon.
In the meantime, you can 
(this website is the most accurate, be weary of others because sometimes you can get very different charts!) Screen shot it and save in your phone notes as you'll probably need this a fair bit!
 And then read this post on the key things to note to get you started on your HD journey.
Sarah x

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