Born out of frustration....


I've held a vision since 2012 of living a life that looks a little different to the one I'm living now. As an awakening woman in an increasingly disconnected world, this year I finally got so frustrated with my own inaction on my true purpose and passion (Wildlife Conservation), that it took *a billion* native animals in Australia to burn alive for me to finally take this leap.

So in February, The Wilder Ones was born.

This will be a social enterprise cause connecting creativity and conservation, two of my biggest passions!



I fear that if we keep living the way we do, our grandkids aren't even going to know how special this country and its inhabitants is. 

They aren't going to know what it's like to see tadpoles in the creek, and spot a possum in the backyard. 

I fear we will lose more and more of our sacred land to corporations, government and council agendas and I'm scared about what that would actually mean for our overall health (not to mention that of the planet).

This is where you come in.

Have you read this and thought "FUCK YES"?

 If so, I think you're officially A Wilder One.

A Wilder One is someone who knows that if we keep on going the way we are, then we're all going to miss out on the healing magic in the world around us and be living in a dense, dead, man-made world. Basically like depressed Orcas in closed swimming pools.

A Wilder One want to live more simply, with quality connections, in optimal health and in harmony and relationship with the natural world around us.

You want the village. You want to thrive. You want to truly experience EARTH.

And you want to spend your time and energy with people who are like you. Who are called to journey a similar mission in life. 

Seeing this and not being able to help, the way I knew I could, was the kick in the ass I needed to "be the change" so to speak. One thing that I discovered as a helpless witness of this event was just how many holes there are in this space. There were small home-run carers overrun, having to fundraise while rescuing and rehabilitating all day and night. We had fake charities stealing money from the public through bogus donation portals, huge organisations receiving millions and still not much to show for it and a whole lot of confusion about where to send the much needed funds to help.

I noticed so much disconnection in the community itself, competitiveness, fighting for attention and donations. There was no reliable hub where we could find the right legitimate places and know more details about how they operate. I hope to help in this arena by shining a light on the different organisations around Australia and the world who are doing amazing things and create a directory to unify the space better. We will also partner with some on different campaigns and fundraising efforts alongside our own.

Our Mission

The Wilder Ones is a not-for-profit company founded in 2020 by Sarah Williams.

Our vision is to cultivate 4 key areas of focus through our various forms of digital content, merchandise, services, experiences and fundraising efforts to be created over the years to come:





The Wilder Ones aims to educate and inspire more sustainable and ethical living that minimises further harm to the earth with focus on wildlife preservation, community, rehabilitation and habitat conservation through creating meaningful and wild art and apparel.


Committed to creating + supporting education on Wildlife conservation + advocacy in Australia and abroad


Committed to cultivating a community of like-minded + open-hearted new earth kin with UNITY as a focal point


Committed to raising money to purchase land for conservation, education and protection of our native flora and fauna

Our Team

Sarah Wilder

Hey, it's me! Founder, Creative Director AND curious cat wanting to shake things up in all the good ways!

*This could be you*

Got a special skill to offer this NFP? Drop me an email below and let's chat! I'm building this from scratch

*This could also be you!*

I'm looking for a handful of peeps who want to offer their service to help bring this vision to life with me!

Are you a wilder one, too?

Want to help me?

Want to offer your sick skills and expertise to make this a thing with me?! 

Drop me an email below.

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