The Elementress Collection

Reformed from the original collection born in 2015; this updated design series showcases the foundational pillars of nature - the natural elements fire, air, water and earth and includes the fifth element, Spirit/aether as an ode to the mystery.

I believe that not only can we experience the elements on a practical level through nature - but that they also carry an essence, to which I have *tried* to capture through archetypal representation in this collection.

My aim with this collection is to help you to understand these essences, with all reside within you and the collective conscious - and can be called upon when faced with different elemental and foundational challenges in life.


For example, one might call on the Earthess when wanting to connect deeper to earthly wisdom, help with grounding, abundance and feel more embodied.

You then might feel compelled to work with the Firess who reminds us to take initiative, speak our truth, connect to our sexuality and life-force energy. 

If you're overwhelmed in the mind, one might work intimately with the Airess who's gift is in discernment, strength, mindfulness, meditation and also clear communication.

Or if you are a recovering workaholic or struggling to connect with your own emotional body or with others on an emotional level - the Wateress helps unlock your gifts in vulnerability, connection, the arts and in full expression.

And Spiritess? She's the alchemist that brings them altogether. She is the one seeking chaos mastery, transformation and rebirth. Dancing in the madness, magic and mystery in all. 


I believe we all can access and embody each of these elementary archetypes and may do so naturally on some level already. Many of us naturally master one or two, and aren't as intimate with the others. 

By working with them more intimately we can deepen our awareness of these aspects of ourselves, become more multi-dimensional and integrate parts of our shadow that have been unseen until actively worked with more.

So how do you know which one is 'you'?

As I mentioned above, we are all of them. We are made up of all the elements, as is the world around us.


However, there's a few ways to work with these babes.

1. It's already in your astrology chart. If you're an astro nerd like me, then you will notice that each 12 signs of the zodiac are linked to an element. Learn more about that HERE and how to find yours.


2. Go by your own intuition. Most of us already know what we're naturally good at and what we need to consciously do more of.... so go with what feels 'right' for now after reading through their meanings a little more you'll know who's calling you most.


There will be a fork in the road. To the right is the 'power path' (ascension) and the left is the 'shadow path' (descension). BOTH of these paths are created equal. Life is a series of pathways, not a linear journey, we journey both roads our entire lives.


1. AN ELEMENTRESS AS A POWER GUIDE (honouring parts of you that you have mastered)

Wear the chosen symbol as an honorary token of this naturally dominant disposition. If you feel ready to step out into this fullest Elementress expression and use your natural gifts drawing from this specific element to help guide others from this lens - work with this symbol daily to remind you of your essence, mission and desires in life.


2. AN ELEMENTRESS AS A SHADOW GUIDE (revealing parts of you un-actualised)

Wear this symbol as a reminder of the element of your life in which you feel you need to better understand and integrate into your whole being. If you have felt disconnected to certain aspects of yourself that need a little daily encouragement to come out and play more, this is a great way to challenge yourself more to move out of your comfort zone and explore more of your edges with this opposing or less-dominant element.

Here is a quick rundown of each of the Elementress Symbols 

 Click on each one to learn more 


Goddess of the Earth Element

 & self-sovereignty 

Gifted in the Sensory Arts. 

Desires to build solid foundations to create comfortable and abundant life

Embodies themes of abundance, grounding, creation, wisdom, connection and sensuality

Avian Familiar: The Owl


Goddess of the Water Element

 & self-healing

Gifted in the Healing Arts. 

Desires to build meaningful relationships and live a creative life

Embodies themes of emotional intelligence, healing, love, creativity, imagination, depth and mystery

Avian Familiar: The Kingfisher


Goddess of the Air Element

 & self-awareness

Gifted in the Intuitive/Mindfulness Arts. 

Desires to build strong mental pathways, habits and understandings of the universe

Embodies themes of mental strength, discernment, critical thinking, mindfulness, truth, clarity and communication

Avian Familiar: The Eagle


Goddess of the Fire Element

 & self-motivation

Gifted in the Movement Arts 

Desires to build confidence and vitality to help promote change in life

Embodies themes of creativity, health, sexuality, motivation, confidence, activation, adventure and independence

Avian Familiar: The Cockatoo


Goddess of the Spirit/Aether Element

 & self-actualisation

Gifted in the Alchemical/Cosmic Arts. 

Desires to combine universal laws with elemental wisdom to activate untapped human potential

Embodies themes of alchemy, transformation, magic, manifestation, mystery and kundalini awakening

Avian Familiar: The Crow/Raven