I create meaningful divination talismans and tools that help get you back in your element.

Using the wisdom and magic of symbolism, we can bypass the monkey mind and stir up what's hiding in the depths of the unconscious. That's where your magick hides.

As a triple earth sign woman, I'm all about practical magic. 

In my work I help you understand the basic, natural elements of life to better understand yourself and the world around you.

I believe collectively we don't know ourselves enough on an elementary level to be able to trust in ourselves to create the things we truly desire in life.

I wanna change that. I'm changing it for myself, and want to create magical & meaningful treasures to help you do it for yourself, too.

"To rise to the higher levels of consciousness, one must dominate the lower nature. The sage exists on the higher and rules on the lower”

- The Kybalion.

Becoming Sarah, but wilder.

I believe the secret sauce in life is understanding and mastering the elements of it.

Embodying your Elementress within.

Everyday mundane things fast become timeless magical portals to realising your fullest potential.

My mission is to continue to create tools that come from this source.

I want YOU to understand your true nature better.

I want to help people get crystal clear on who they are, what they value, what they want, and what gaps need to be bridged to get there.....(and have some fun while doing so!)

I will never claim that my talismans or other creations have special powers...

They will, however, remind you that you do.

I'm inspired by nature, the arts, humanity, the occult, astrology, philosophy, plants and animals...and memes.

Thank you for letting me create beautiful symbolic things for you.  I feel blessed everyday. 

If you want the 'profesh' bit...

Sarah Wilder is an Internationally published Author/Illustrator with HayHouse International and a coveted jewellery designer and creative business woman with an community of 10 000+ women across 50+ countries currently working with or wearing her creations.

Sarah fuses her skills and 'past lives' in the fashion industry, native wildlife rehabilitation and her love of philosophy, cosmology, astrology, natural world and symbolic art to create meaningful talismans, tools and teachings for folks who are awakening to a more meaningful and soul-aligned path in life. 

My ultimate vision is to create a community where like-souled humans can learn from the earth and her inhabitants, together.