The turtle is such a beautiful majestic reptile in water. A true master of protection, durability and⁠ awareness.
Turtles have been known to live for up to 100 years, and their hardened shell exterior,⁠⠀like other reptiles, sheds each plate for growth, however this occurs constantly rather than in one big⁠ time period of their lives.
Turtles remind us that with constant growth and peeling off of old layers,⁠⠀
we can become stronger and more powerful and allows us to not burn out or have to retreat for long.⁠⠀
A turtle’s strong shell allows it to live fearlessly and freely, without worry or self-limiting beliefs.⁠⠀
They have beak-like mouths that help them to cut and break down their prey. Turtles also have⁠⠀amazing night vision, and their eyes are usually always looking down to the depths below, a symbol⁠⠀
of higher perspective and heightened insight to the world around them.
This could be why they⁠⠀seem to survive for such long periods of time in the wild, due to having few natural predators and⁠⠀being well-adapted to their environment.⁠⠀
Turtles remind us to stay dedicated and determined to achieve our goals with serenity and grace.⁠⠀
Turtles are the ultimate old soul, bringing with them the experience of many lifetimes and wild⁠ stories from the great seas.
Their ancient wisdom and faultless grace touches our spirit and reminds⁠⠀
us of the importance of each precious moment.⁠⠀
Words written and card illustrated by @sarahwilder__ for Animal Kin Oracle >> Link to shop HERE (copyright Hayhouse International) #animalkinoracle #sarahwilder

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Julia Robyn Neesham June 26 2020

I connect strongly with the turtle, I longed to swim with them yesterday, How strange!

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